What Are Our Clients Say About Us?

Carla (Client with Drug Addiction): “The IOP and SOP programs were great for me and my family. I completed the program while working a full time job. Karolyn Gray is a good therapist.”
Marlyn (Client with Alcohol Addiction):“Dr. Allen and his staff are supportive but firm. I really enjoyed learning about the brain and addiction along with using the neurotherapy services to reduce my anxiety and alcohol cravings. This program was wonderful!”Lauren (Client with Anxiety & Alcohol Addiction): “The experiences at Behavioral Health & Family Services have been a transformation in my life. I have hope again.”LeMarcus (Client with Multiple Addictions): “The staff was friendly and caring. I highly recommend addiction services with this company–you feel like they are on your side and not judging you.”

David (Client with CVA and Addictions): “I do not know where I would be without Dr. Allen and his program. I am seeing improvements weekly.”

Michael (Client with TBI/ADHD):“This program has helped me tremendously. I am able to think quicker and recall words almost as fast as I used to. My confidence is up and I am planning on attending school in the spring.”

Michelle (Client with Multiple Scoliosis): “Dr. Allen and his staff are awesome. This program has encouraged me to do more. I feel good about life again.”

Jake (Client with ADHD): “The neurotherapy services are outstanding. This staff is awesome.”

Sheri (Parent of child with learning disabilities):“The educational tutoring program was great! My son enjoyed working and studying mathematics while having fun.”

Micah (Parent of Child with Autism): “Dr. Allen helped me understand the school’s psychological evaluation for my child. He also helped me believe that the future is not as bad as I thought. We are using the social skills and parent training services. It has helped me understand my son and us to be better parents.”

Karen (Client Needing Testing For College): “I normally do not feel comfortable taking test but the staff made me feel at home. I felt good taking the test at BHFS. My test results were well written and now I understand why I struggle with reading and concentration.”

Veronica G (Client With Addictions): “Dr. Allen and his staff are wonderful. I appreciate all the unique programs and support I receive while going through the IOP and SOP programs.  The neurotherapy and nutrition plans helps me stay off my drug of choice!”

Kim G (Client With  Family Challenges): “Thank you for helping me and my family stay as a unit. You are awesome.”