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I do not know where I would be without Dr. Allen and his program. I am seeing improvements weekly.


CVA and Addictions

The neurotherapy services are outstanding. This staff is awesome.



I normally do not feel comfortable taking test but the staff made me feel at home. I felt good taking the test at BHFS. My test results were well written and now I understand why I struggle with reading and concentration.


Testing For College

This program has helped me tremendously. I am able to think quicker and recall words almost as fast as I used to. My confidence is up and I am planning on attending school in the spring.



Thank you for helping me and my family stay as a unit. You are awesome.

Kim G

Family Challenges

Dr. Allen and his staff are awesome. This program has encouraged me to do more. I feel good about life again.


Multiple Scoliosis

Dr. Allen helped me understand the school’s psychological evaluation for my child. He also helped me believe that the future is not as bad as I thought. We are using the social skills and parent training services. It has helped me understand my son and us to be better parents.


Parent of Child with Autism