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At BHFS Medical and Behavioral Services, we offer children, teens, and adults the medical and behavioral services they need to live a healthy and enjoyable life. Whether you’re visiting to treat a minor illness or are seeking our intensive outpatient addiction program, our highly trained team of physicians, therapists, psychologists, and counselors can help you obtain the tools and knowledge you need in order to reach your daily goals and create success in your life. With medical services, addiction management, sports medicine, behavioral services, and more, many of our Lewisville, TX patients find that our family-friendly office is a convenient place to have a variety of their health and wellness needs met.

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BHFS Medical and Behavioral Services is honored to be the official medical clinic for Lewisville Boxing Team and Star Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We enjoy providing our sports medicine and other services to these athletes so they can perform at their best and recover equally well.

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TLC Health Plan

It is so important to get the quality medical and behavioral services you deserve. We are proud to accept the TLC health plan at our Lewisville, TX facility. If you do not have insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you can get the care you need at only $99.99 per service.

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We care deeply about your overall health and well-being, both mentally and physically. That’s why we strive to employee men and women who are exceptionally trained in their field but also care about the relationships they foster with our patients. When you visit BHFS Medical and Behavioral Services, you can expect to be met with kindness, respect, and humility. We want you to know that we are here for you.

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"Was surprised to see you guys offering suboxone treatment! I've been seeing Dr. Gray for about 2 years and have been suggesting that they integrate it into their services. I have been doing it for about a month now and I am definitely impressed by the results."



"I have been a patient at BHFS for about 6 months now and although their service was top notch, I wasn't seeing phenomenal improvement in myself until they started their suboxone treatment with me. I feel like I am finally the man I am supposed to be. Very grateful they added this addition to their clinic as not many clinics in my area provide this service."



"Friendly staff. Very kind, caring and considerate. Wanted to do their best to advocate for me and my child."



"The clinic was very nice! I was able to learn more about therapy. The staff is clean and just the right size to have caring conversations to develop personally. I appreciate Mrs.Gray's presence and timely help as we complete services with her assistance."



"I have just started counseling and am hoping for a life changing experience. It is a friendly atmosphere and my counselor assured me of success if I do my part, which I will. Looking forward to feeling human again."




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