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What Are Medical Screenings For?

We know you take your health very seriously, and at BHFS Medical, so do we. Regular screenings are an essential part of healthy living. Our talented physicians offer state-of-the-art health and preventive care. Through regular visits and medical screenings, we can help you detect diseases and create necessary treatment plans as early as possible. While some conditions can be treated through lifestyle and diet changes, others may require more medical attention. For more information on how we can screen and monitor diseases, contact clinical director Dr. Dwane Allen in Lewisville, TX today.

What Medical Screenings are Offered?

We offer a wide range of medical screenings at our Lewisville, TX office for people in all stages of life. With these screenings, we can help you understand your overall health, create treatment plans as necessary, and monitor future progress. Some of the more common screenings we offer include:

  • Cholesterol: During this screening, your finger will be poked with a small needle to produce a tiny drop of blood to measure your levels. Your cholesterol should be checked every 4 – 6 years.
  • TB (tuberculosis) testing: A tuberculin skin test (TST) is used to determine your diagnosis. During this test, a fluid called tuberculin is carefully injected into the forearm. The patient must return within 2 – 3 days to have a medical professional evaluate their reaction.
  • Pulmonary function: During this test, the amount of air that is inhaled and exhaled is measured, as well as how efficiently oxygen is transferred to your blood to help identify lung disease, the cause of irregular breathing, and shortness of breath.
  • Pre-employment screenings: Pre-employment screenings make sure a job applicant can safely perform the jobs they apply for and are an important part of workforce safety. There are several types of pre-employment services, and depending on your industry, you may use just one type or all of them.

Depending on the outcome of these screenings, we will schedule follow-up visits to help you monitor any conditions and maintain your overall health.

Screen and Monitor for Disease

At BHFS Medical, we strongly believe that preventive care, like routine screenings, is an essential part of staying healthy. We encourage you to put your health first by scheduling routine screenings and follow-up visits in order to live your best life. For more information on the types of screenings we offer or to schedule a consultation, contact clinical director Dr. Dwane Allen at our Lewisville, TX office today.

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