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What Are Wellness Visits and Physicals?

At BHFS Medical, we provide wellness visits and physicals so you can maintain your overall health and wellness. These visits could include biometric health screenings, blood work, and more so we can customize your visit to meet your needs. If necessary, we will use this information to create a personalized treatment plan to help you maintain your health for years to come. For more information or to schedule your wellness visit or physical, contact clinical director Dr. Dwane Allen in Lewisville, TX for more information.

What Can I Expect During My Wellness Consultation?

In one of our comfortable treatment rooms at BHFS Medical, one of our skilled physicians will meet with you for your wellness visit or physical. You may be visiting for your own peace of mind or to meet the required needs of your insurance. During this visit, we will assess your height, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, and more during a biometric health screening. Based on your blood work and what we determine during your physical, we can help you determine a course of action on how to maintain your overall health. Follow-up visits can also be scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Wellness and Physicals FAQ

How often should you have a physical checkup?

It is typically recommended that patients have a wellness exam or physical at least once a year. This helps to ensure any potential health issues are diagnosed and treated early while helping our physicians assess your overall health and to set wellness goals. Physical exams are also often necessary to be eligible for team and competitive sports.

What tests are included in a physical examination?

The typical tests and biometric data measured during a physical exam includes:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Temperature, height, weight
  • Vision and hearing
  • Basic physical examination
  • Blood tests (liver function, cholesterol, etc.)
  • Urine tests
  • A general conversation about your current health, any symptoms, and concerns

How long does a physical exam usually take?

A typical physical exam for health and wellness usually takes about 30 - 45 minutes. If certain testing needs to be done that includes taking a physical sample (blood draw, urine sample, etc.), it may take more time.

Maintain Your Overall Health and Wellness

Even if you feel healthy, you could benefit from a wellness visit or physical to ensure you're healthy. These visits can help you maintain your health and identify any concerns early on or prevent issues from arising in the future. At BHFS Medical, we offer wellness visits and physicals for men, women, and children so your whole family can stay healthy. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact clinical director Dr. Dwane Allen in Lewisville, TX.

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